Flix Stadium 10 in Lancaster, NY Announces Sensory Friendly Family Film Series

Flix Stadium 10 sensory friendly family film series slated to run the first or second Saturday of every month at 10am. The films will be presented with the theatre lights on and the sound lowered.

Dipson Theatres, Inc. acknowledges the needs of social engagement and environmental factors affecting people on the autism spectrum, and hope that this family film series will create an entertainment venue for families to enjoy new releases in a presentation that will suit unique and special needs.

Upcoming movies

6/8: The Garfield Movie

7/6: Despicable Me 4





Admission is $10 per person for both children and adults. Flix will also offer a monthly raffle for attendees to win concession prizes and promotional movie gifts.

Potential guests are encouraged to sign up for the theatre’s weekly email list which will announce each month’s film. Anyone interested can go to www.dipsontheatres.com and sign up for the weekly newsletter.

Larry Phillips

General Manager

Flix Stadium 10



4901 Transit Road

Lancaster, NY 14043